Marilyn Rea Beyer, Narrator / Voice Over / Writer - Words have power.
At the Family Picnic
No one likes the unkempt poet
Cigarette hanging from her lip,
Smoke curling past her snide eye
To her turban.
She stands up on a picnic bench to read
Dropping her pearls before uninterested relations.
A crew-cut cousin barks over his beer,
“Why don’t you get a job!”
“Why don’t you get a cupcake?” she replies.
Non sequitur is her forte.
So she takes the proletarian bus
To the square where she can be ignored by strangers.
Clutching her notebook,
She scans the used bookstore,
Trailing her bitten dirty fingers over the poetry section
Where she never expects to be found.
Emptied out, she takes the long walk home,
Hangs her hat,
Gets cleaned up
And puts a Tombstone pizza in the oven.
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