Marilyn Rea Beyer, Narrator / Voice Over / Writer - Words have power.
Photo by Dan Tappan

Involuntary Jerk

I woke up with an involuntary jerk.
One of those hiccups in your sleep
Leftover from nights when lions startled cavemen.
So much goes on in the dark.
You curl into a knot
And shrink down to a ball of essentials.
Next, you stretch one leg long with toe on point,
The other bent.
Poised like an Egyptian on the wall of a tomb.
Car lights scan the window shade. You wonder,
Who’s cruising the neighborhood at this time of night?
Hours conspire with anxiety. You rearrange the sheets and try lying on the other side,
Embracing the pillow for comfort,
Smoothing the covers to ease your mind,
Concentrating on peace, just drifting off...
Until ancient instinct jogs a muscle memory,
And you wake up with an involuntary jerk.

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